Critical thinking and Argumentation

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Our daily communication is filled with what we often refer to as argumentation. We use existing knowledge and observation and combine them in a logical way to propositions, answers or explanation of decisions. Still, there is way more to argumentation than you may think.

This course is a self-paced course which can be started at every moment in time.



This course gives insight in what more you can do with extensive argumentation models, both in writing and in speaking. It is not merely about getting your right, but to make a specific, constructive and structured story. In this way, you create clarity in a conversation and it becomes easier to talk to each other about what you are disagreeing.

The course is designed to give a solid theoretical basis in argumentation models. We build on the models from the different underlying principles. Due to this broad base of knowledge the participants will have enough knowledge to use a better argumentation in writing and speaking by the end of the course. Participants gain access to an online learning environment with more background information, exercises and specific assignments to receive personal feedback in relation to their learning goals.

This course is mainly interesting for people who in daily life need to give well-based and well-argued premises or conclusions. This can be in for example policy proposals, research or politics. Besides that of course also people interested to gain a broader background and knowledge on argumentation are more than welcome to join. 

This course is a fully online course in a digital learning environment. You will gain access to all the materials and will be guided through the programme automatically. You can follow the course at your own pace. The general time the programme takes is about three weeks with a workload of about four hours per week.  

On this training the standard conditions are applicable.


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