Participation and dialogue

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In a world of controversy and extreme viewpoints, communication becomes more and more important. At the same time, we pay less time and attention to how we communicate. Still it is in these times with polarization that it is more important than ever to not only indicate what you think is important but also to start a meaningful conversation with each other. In that we often talk about a dialogue. But what is a dialogue now actually and how do you make sure we’re having a dialogue?

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With Theory U from Otto Scharmer as a basis we look to different levels on which we communicate and their likely outcome. From there on we reason and experience how you can take a dialogical approach in a conversation. The core element of this is listening, really listening. But also daring to understand each other and having a clear reflection on yourself and the way in which you see the world.

The course dialogue is therefore not only about the conditions for a good dialogue, but also on what your role within that dialogue could be. How can you facilitate his and how can you, by being aware of yourself and your perspective, contribute to a good dialogue. In that way we learn how we can talk with each other instead of against each other, can listen to each other and how we can open up to different perspectives.

This course is a fully online course in a digital learning environment. You will gain access to all the materials and will be guided through the programme automatically. You can follow the course at your own pace. The general time the programme takes is about three weeks with a workload of about four hours per week.  

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