Powerful Pitching

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This is a course for everyone who is eager to learn the ins and outs of presenting and speaking in front of (large) groups. No standardized theory or general explanation, but attention to your personal strength. From convincing rhetoric to nerves – it all will be discussed. 

This course is self-paced and can be started at any given moment.



Barack Obama wasn’t such a great speaker when he was senator. Still his first inaugural speech as president will be downright one of the best ever given. You can learn how to be an excellent speaker, and you can learn how to be a convincing speaker. That doesn’t only come in handy for important presentations at work, but just as much for the conversation with your neighbor or the dilemma with your partner on whose turn it is to fill the dishwasher. The following topics will be discussed (among others):

  • How to prepare a presentation? Tips and tricks on the structure of your story.
  • Who is your audience? Based on different listening profiles and goals of your presentation we talk about how to adapt to your audience. How do you make sure your story fits with their wishes and expectations and by that bring the message convincingly.
  • And finally, there is attention to asking and answering questions and how to quickly respond to others. In this part we also refer to different techniques to be comfortable on stage.

With plenty of exercises you will notice that you will be comfortable and more prepared when you have to give a presentation. You will have gained more insight in the strengths that you can work on further in the future and you can give a convincing presentation both in structure and content. Are you ready to amaze the audience?

This course is a fully online course in a digital learning environment. You will gain access to all the materials and will be guided through the programme automatically. You can follow the course at your own pace. The general time the programme takes is about three weeks with a workload of about four hours per week.  

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